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Letter from the Equalize Health Board of Directors

November 29, 2022

With great sorrow, we share the news that Equalize Health is closing its doors. This magnificent organization, which has done so much good in the world, came up against a cash timing issue which will not allow us to carry our work forward. It is not for want of trying. Equalize Health has faithful and generous donors, a committed, talented team, longtime advisors and partners, and a dedicated community.  We are deeply saddened by what the loss of Equalize Health means to patients, to our employees, and to the world of global health.


While Equalize Health may be closing, we are so proud and humbled by the work that has been accomplished and the lasting footprint that has been left. Over 1.6M patients have been treated with Equalize Health medical devices. Our products have helped increase maternal and infant survival rates, improved mobility, and have scaled world-class, affordable solutions across 80 countries. 4,800 healthcare workers have been trained by Equalize Health’s ECHO Tele-mentoring Program. 


Over time, Equalize Health has shown the global health community what it means to apply user-centered design to create products that really work for people in different environments, at a price that creates real market solutions. Our fervent hope is that others will pick up the mantle of this approach to carry forward the importance of making affordable and world-class medical devices available in every setting to individuals across the globe. We will also work to make sure that the organization’s products and IP find a useful home. 


All of us who have supported and followed Equalize Health over its lifetime understand that innovation carries risk. Equalize Health has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation in the global health arena, in its fidelity to a user-centered design approach, in its focus on rigorous impact measurement and in the products it has put out into the world. 

We feel an enormous appreciation to all our staff, collaborators, advisors - and to you, our community - for traveling a long and productive journey with us at Equalize Health. We are forever grateful for your support. 



Equalize Health’s Board of Directors

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