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Over 1 million patients treated with our medical devices!

Medical technology for everyone

Who we are

We believe in a world where we all have access to world-class medical treatment, no matter where we live. Millions of people suffer and die from preventable or treatable conditions. Equalize Health is a not-for-profit medical technology company on a mission to change that. Here is how.

  • Identify

    We identify the biggest gaps and opportunities in health care where tech can do the most good.

  • Design

    We design affordable, world-class medical products that work in the toughest circumstances.

  • Impact

    We build global partnerships to ensure our products get to those who need them most.


We are one of the world’s most effective charities. We deliver the most impact for the least money. It’s one of the reasons why we are funded and recommended by the world’s most discerning philanthropic organizations.