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A Message from CEO, Krista Donaldson, as She Makes Room for New Leadership at Equalize Health

15 August 2022

After 13 years of leading this amazing organization from its early days in “the dark basement” (it wasn’t really) of an old house in Palo Alto to our multi-continent thriving organization that we are today, it is time for me to make room for a new CEO with diverse and fresh ideas.

I’m incredibly proud of what we have built at Equalize Health. Our products have treated 1.5M patients in nearly 80 countries - and more every day thanks to our economically-sustainable model. Our telementoring programs have supported over 4,400 healthcare workers, growing our offerings during the brutal COVID waves that also impacted so many of you. We have introduced a model of global health innovation that is focused on impact - prioritizing healthcare workers, patients, families, officials, and partners, and leveraging the market for scale.

When I first started in global health (a few moons ago), the norm was to donate technology: used technology, cast-off from wealthier facilities - or untested technology, innovations dreamed up in a lab. We – as a sector – have come a long way, and this is thanks to the dedication and hard work of many of you that I have worked with over the years. It is not just in the work we do every day, but also our work as ambassadors of design that is rooted in humility and listening. Even as I step down from CEO of Equalize Health, I know we will continue to push medtech and global health to do better: to be more thoughtful, more user-centric, more inclusive, and more impactful. We are not done yet in achieving health equity.

Equalize Health is conducting a global search for the next CEO who has the skills, experience, and strategic vision to lead the organization for through our next stage of growth. You will hear directly from our board in the coming days. We are looking for the right leader for Equalize Health. Boston Nyer, our current COO, will take over as Interim CEO and I will stay on until early December to support this moment of change and beyond. Wendy Taylor, our Board Chair who has significant experience in innovation for health equity, will lead the search.

Equalize Health is in a strong position and poised for significant growth: we are on track to reach 5M patients by 2025 - bringing life-saving technology to healthcare workers treating mothers suffering from postpartum hemorrhage to premature newborns struggling to breathe. And EH is just getting started.

I’m most appreciative to all of you, our amazing team, and the countless thoughtful healthcare workers, families, and patients, who have helped build Equalize Health. As I step down and consider the state of the world, I’m reminded of what Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the former chairwoman of the African Union, said: "It's important to understand that development is not a 'nice to have,' it's essential for peace, for stability and for progress in the world."

With heartfelt gratitude,


P.S. I've included a few of my favorite memories from my 13 years at Equalize Health. There is more to come.

February 2010: The first baby (Baby Hope) treated with Brilliance prototype - due to lack of functioning phototherapy devices at hospital in Nigeria.

July 2014: Me getting feedback on Brilliance phototherapy from doctors and nurses working in a public hospital outside of Delhi.

October 2015: Kelly and Vin receive the first of our ReMotion Knee packaging! The ReMotion Knee sold in 20+ countries before we spun it off to ROMP (the Range of Motion Project) to focus on newborn and maternal health.

November 2016: Equalize Health (then D-Rev) staff, advisors, family and board members celebrating winning our Tech Museum Award for Brilliance. We won “Health Technology Most Benefiting Humanity”. On the far left is Dr. Henk Vreman and his wife. Dr. Vreman is an expert in testing phototherapy effectiveness - and was a key advisor to us.

March 2022: Gaurav, Avijit, and I waiting to talk to a doctor in Faridabad. I’ve spent many (many!) hours in hospital and clinic waiting rooms - and always enjoy it for getting to know my colleagues better. (I estimate that I’ve been in more than 700 hospitals and clinics in 30+ countries.)

June 2022: Enock and I learning about CPAP training in Ethiopia with Dr. Asrat and Sister Hule.