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Equalize Health's Chair of the Board offers heartfelt thanks to Krista Donaldson as she steps down as CEO

18 August 2022

We offer our admiration and heartfelt thanks to Krista Donaldson, as she steps down from her role as CEO of Equalize Health. I represent Equalize Health’s Board of Directors when I say, we are grateful for Krista’s visionary leadership that has brought significant change to the lives of more than one million patients around the world.

We don’t have enough space for all the impact Equalize Health has made under her leadership over the last 13 years, but a few that we are most proud of include:

  • Equalize Health products and services have reached more than 1.5M patients treated in 79 countries! And we are on track to reach 5M by 2025.

  • Equalize Health’s Brilliance device has significantly contributed to closing the quality and affordability gap in newborn jaundice treatment. Since Brilliance’s introduction in 2013, global phototherapy quality has improved and purchasing costs are now affordable to every hospital.

  • Krista introduced a ground-breaking partnership model, bringing together industry with nonprofits, to deliver - via the market - affordable high-impact medical innovations on a global scale. This model is now commonly understood to be more effective and impactful than donated devices.

  • Krista, with her design background, made user-centered approaches in the social sector, particularly global health, the norm - this is in huge part thanks to her dedication to user insights, data, iteration, design, and always seeking to learn, improve, and create impact where it is most needed. She’s never been shy about sharing failures and lessons learned to strengthen everyone’s efforts in creating health equity.

Looking to the future, Krista leaves a legacy with Equalize Health poised for growth and accelerated impact. We have four high-impact products in development for mothers and babies, new partnerships with industry that will broaden and grow the populations we serve, and ever-expanding support programs for healthcare workers that strengthen their knowledge, confidence, and practice. Krista will be with us until December to ensure a smooth transition.

We have engaged the search firm Egon Zehnder to conduct a global search to seek the next CEO with the skills, experience, and strategic vision to lead the organization through the next phase of significant growth. The incoming CEO will join an amazing team of intelligent, dedicated, and committed colleagues already assembled at Equalize Health - led in the interim by CEO, Boston Nyer. Boston has worked closely with Krista over the last 3 years, as Equalize Health’s COO and brings many years of product development and senior leadership experience.

As we join many of you in thanking Krista for her leadership and years of dedication to creating medical technology for everyone, we also offer our heartfelt thanks to you. We are a global team committed to achieving health equity, not in our lifetime but, today. It is with thanks to countless partners who have enabled our impact. And for that reason, we also encourage your recommendations as we look for our next CEO. Please reach out to us directly with referrals and recommendations for Equalize Health’s next great leader.

Thank you for being part of our journey to create a world where we all have access to world-class medical technology.

In health,

Wendy Taylor, Board Chair

On behalf of Equalize Health's Board of Directors