Over 1 million patients treated with our medical devices!

The New Face of Equalize Health (formerly D-Rev)

16 November 2020

Today, with the launch of our new visual identity, the transformation of D-Rev to Equalize Health is complete. Together, we are on a mission to design medical technology that works for everyone.

Equalize Health is a global, not-for-profit medical technology company working out of India, Kenya, and the United States.

We are united by our belief that no matter where you live, you should have access to world class treatment.

We involve everyone in the healthcare process to design and deliver medical technology that reaches patients in all corners of the world. Technology that saves lives even under the toughest circumstances.

This year, as many have suffered with the pandemic, our work is more important than ever and collaboration is crucial. We won't stop until everyone has an equal chance at a healthy start in life, and now we have a new identity that will do justice to that goal.

You may have followed us for over a decade, or maybe you just discovered our work today. Either way, we’re grateful for the opportunity to (re-)introduce ourselves.