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Our Story

We are a global team of designers, engineers, medical professionals, and business minds, working out of India, Kenya, and USA. We are united by our belief that no matter where you live, you should have access to world-class medical treatment.

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Our Story

Equalize Health was founded in the late 2000s under the name D-Rev. The world had just woken up to the potential of design to address the world’s greatest inequalities.

In our early days, we sought to develop solutions for areas as diverse as economic empowerment, agriculture, and education. Our Brilliance phototherapy device became a benchmark in the design for impact space.

Today, we are focused entirely on health, where we believe the greatest inequity exists. Without health, it is difficult to go to school, to work, or function in society. For people to thrive, they must be healthy.

We are proud to have made a significant impact in this area, having treated over one million patients worldwide.

  • Vision

    No matter where you live, you have access to world-class medical treatment.

  • Mission

    At Equalize Health, we create medical technology for everyone.

  • Values

    We live our values everyday in the way we work, think and behave. That's why they are verbs: empathize, learn, trust, act, improve.

Our approach

We are impatient doers. We do what it takes to equalize health, not in our lifetime, but today. Our design process fosters sustainable, global partnerships and accelerates results.

  • 1. Identify

    We partner with healthcare professionals around the world, and conduct research, to identify the most critical needs in global health.

  • 2. Design

    We build on the most promising solutions we can find -and develop our own. At every stage, our design process is user obsessed.

  • 3. Innovate

    We conduct studies to adapt, improve, and innovate to ensure our products are effective in even the toughest of circumstances.

  • 4. Deliver

    We work with industry partners to deliver medical technology to hard-to-reach communities globally and ensure impact is driven by customer choice.

  • 5. Scale & Measure

    We scale through the market so that our impact will be sustainable. We measure beyond units sold to understand the health impact of our interventions.

  • 6. Impact

    We are transparent about our results, and iterate our strategies based on what we have seen works, to help us reach our 2030 health outcomes.