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Boston Nyer

Interim Chief Executive Officer

As Equalize Health’s Interim CEO, Boston is responsible for driving success across the organization. He has a decade of experience working within impact-driven organizations, primarily with a focus on product development and commercialization. He has lived and worked in a myriad of countries across Latin America, Africa, and South Asia. Before Equalize Health, he co-founded BURN, a social enterprise that designs, locally manufactures, and distributes improved cooking solutions to save forests and lives in Sub-Saharan Africa. During that time he helped the organization raise $14 million, launch the largest manufacturing facility of its kind on the continent, and launch 7 products that have reached more than 3 million people. He remains on the organization’s Board of Directors. Boston holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a M.S. in Civil Engineering with a focus on Engineering for Developing Communities from the University of Colorado.

Boston is originally from Rochester, New York. He is passionate about developing and commercializing products that improve people’s lives. Boston’s favorite part of working at Equalize Health is tackling big, global challenges. When Boston isn’t working he is playing soccer or yelling at the tv while watching soccer.