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Jim Stout

Impact Advisor

Dr. Stout is a Professor of Pediatrics and Adjunct Professor of Health Services at the University of Washington. For over two decades he has practiced general pediatrics with a focus on asthma care at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, a satellite of Seattle Children’s Hospital, and newborn medicine at University of Washington Medical Center.

He leads a group at UW called interactive Medical Training Resources (iMTR) which focuses on developing, evaluating, and disseminating online tools for health care procedural training and physiologic monitoring. The flagship program is Spirometry 360, an online spirometry training and feedback program, which has been delivered to hundreds of practices and study sites domestically and internationally. This work led to collaboration with UW’s Computer Science Engineering group. Working with engineers and other physicians, he is helping to create a smart phone-based spirometer that uses the microphone as the physiologic sensor, known as SpiroSmart. Additionally, Dr. Stout is an investigator for BiliCam, a smartphone based remote monitoring application to estimate newborn jaundice by deriving a bilirubin level from a digital image.

His other research focus involves understanding the impact of Community Health Worker home visits in reducing health disparities, integrating this work with primary care, and supporting its dissemination through remote training technologies.