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Lakshmi Nair

Senior Program Manager, ECHO

As Equalize Health’s Senior Program Manager for ECHO, Lakshmi is responsible for the operations management of the ECHO Program at Equalize Health. Lakshmi is involved in the development of strategies, objectives, policies, procedures and evaluation for ECHO in India and other developing countries. She joined Equalize Health because of her passion for working on improving healthcare access in India. She aims to connect specialists with primary care practitioners in remote areas through virtual mentoring to bridge health gaps in maternal and new-born health through ECHO.

Lakshmi is originally from the beautiful state of Kerala in India but has lived in Mumbai and Delhi for education and work. Lakshmi holds a Master of Technology degree in Biotechnology and comes with more than six years of experience in operations management, data analytics, and stakeholder management in the corporate and development sector. She has worked on two leading national level projects for improving health outcomes in the private sector space for Tuberculosis in India. Before joining Equalize Health she has worked with Clinton Health Access Initiative, Indegene Lifesystems and Biotron Healthcare in the diagnostic sector for infectious diseases and cancer. Friends and family love her for her calm and friendly nature but sometimes get irked because of her over-obsession with keeping things organized. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling to places where she can be close to nature and meditating.