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Madhumita Nath

Ethnographic Research Lead, India

Dr. Madhumita is part of the UQ (User Intelligence) team, which builds competitive intelligence on user preferences, products and med-tech trends by observation, deep understanding and analyzing the User Landscape. The UQ team establishes a value proposition through concept testing and provides end-to-end field-based research solutions. She tries to look beyond “market intelligence” to incorporate streams of user value. She facilitates cross-learning across departments. She aims to bring robustness and rigour to the research workstream in Equalize health.

Madhumita has multiple years of progressive work experience in the Social- developmental sector and public health. Before joining Equalize Health, she worked as a consultant for international and domestic NGOs, universities, and various government projects. In addition, she was a full-time Research Fellow at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – India’s apex biomedical research institution. She has research expertise in development governance, socio-economic, health and cognitive surveys, social needs and impact assessment with a focus on Public health, urban poverty alleviation, Labour Migration and Livelihood, Tribal and peasant societies, Urban slums, Domestic workers, Gender equality, Maternal and Child Health, Family Planning and Contraceptive Technology Innovation.

Madhumita holds a PhD in Anthropology from Calcutta University. She has been the University topper in Undergraduate and rank holder in Postgraduation. She grew up in the City of Joy, Kolkata, and travelled extensively for work in different states of India. She loves Indian Classical music and enjoys singing. In addition, she loves trying out new recipes, updating her culinary skills, and exploring new places with her son.

Madhumita’s commitment to helping the under-served populations drew her to Equalize Health. She is an empathetic mental-health counsellor with a Govt. registered professional degree and experience in Psycho-Social counselling in Suicide-prevention and Substance-abuse prevention (Drugs & alcohol abuse prevention & rehabilitation). She voluntarily works for creating an equal opportunity platform for policy experts and environmental activists residing in the vast region near the Bay of Bengal in the eastern part of India and wishes to create an independent knowledge hub for the benefit of the people in this region. She is a member of Anthropological and Women-centric Scientific bodies and (honorary) visiting faculty in research organizations like NTSBBR.