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Mike Eisenstein

Director of Product Development

As Equalize Health’s Director of Product Development, Mike is responsible for bringing high quality medical technologies to low-resource environments around the world. His focus is twofold; to understand users’ needs and lead the research, design, and development of our products, and to steward the organization’s partnerships and acquisitions strategy to accelerate Equalize Health’s impact by growing our product portfolio.

Mike has more than a decade of experience working in global health and managing high performing teams. Before Equalize Health, Mike was a Senior Program Officer at PATH where he directed the Product Development Shop. Over 10 years, Mike led the Shop through significant transformation – evolving it from an execution arm to a strategic center of excellence by deeply aligning the Shop to the organization’s core investment areas and increasing capacity to be on the cutting edge of innovation in global health. Day to day, Mike managed a team of engineers and staff, and led the collection and synthesization of research from end users with product requirements to develop, introduce and scale high-quality, low-cost, innovative, and appropriate solutions for low-resource settings. Mike holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Emory University.

Mike is passionate about developing solutions that mitigate complex global health challenges and improve quality of life. His favorite part of working at Equalize Health is the people – he loves being surrounded by mission-driven colleagues who inspire him and his work every day. When not working, you can find Mike tinkering – on his cars, in his workshop, or in his yard. Mike also loves time with his wife and kids – favorite family pastimes include soccer, bike riding, making cookies and slime, and assembling homemade obstacle courses.