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Robin Parrish

Senior Design Engineer

As Equalize Health’s Senior Design Engineer, Robin iterates and tests designs to improve Equalize Health’s existing suite of products and prototypes new products for target low-income markets. She holds a B.S.E. from University of California, Berkeley and gained expertise through her past work designing and manufacturing user-driven medical devices. As an undergraduate, Robin collaborated with bioengineering students and clinicians to create an innovative new mobility assistive device. Most recently, Robin led medical device design and test engineering as a Senior Research & Development Engineer at the Taylor Collaboration. She contributes to Equalize Health’s expertise through her proficiency in prototyping, manufacturing, and designing safe and efficient medical technology.

Originally from Carlsbad, CA, Robin’s love for her work is driven by a desire to create state-of-the-art products for people overlooked by the market. She chose Equalize Health for its user-focused model and emphasis on documenting social change through measurable impact numbers. Her favorite aspect of her job is working with a high-energy team that prioritizes impact. Robin balances out her hours 3D-printing iterations of Equalize Health technology by cooking, reading, and spending time in nature.