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Stephanie Dodson Cornell

Board Member

Stephanie believes in supporting organizations that have the capacity and leadership to truly solve complex problems and believes that Equalize Health’s market-based approach and strong leadership make it an organization with great potential. As a Managing Director at the Draper Richards Kaplan (DRK) Foundation, Stephanie served on Equalize Health’s board from 2014 to 2016 and returns to Equalize Health to support its growth to the next stage of development.

Stephanie is now a Venture Partner at DRK Foundation supporting portfolio organizations as a board member of Healthy Learners, Merit America, The Kelsey, Center on Rural Innovation and TeachUNITED. At DRK, Stephanie was a part of the Operating Committee and leadership team for over six years and previously served on the boards of DRK alumni organizations Catie’s Closet, City Health Works, Clean Energy Trust, Crisis Text Line, IRAP, Khyeti, Lava Mae, StrongMinds, Suyo, Tiny Totos Kenya, Upstream, and Y2Y.

Stephanie co-founded three social ventures: Strategic Grant Partners, a venture capital model of consulting and philanthropic investing, works to create positive futures for children and families in Massachusetts and nationally; Project Healthy Children partners with governments to save lives through sustainable and measurable methods of food fortification and supplementation; and the Maranyundo Initiative, a boarding school for girls achieving the highest academic performance in the country and a teacher enrichment program in Rwanda. Stephanie also worked in the computer industry at Tandem Computers.

She completed the Harvard Advanced Leadership fellowship and has been an advisor and board member for several nonprofit and philanthropic organizations including Demand Abolition, Year Up, Partners in Health, WGBH, RefugePoint, Resurge, Share Our Strength and Amazon Conservation Team.

She holds a BA in English and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College and an MBA from Stanford University and lives in Boston.