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Over 1 million patients treated with our medical devices!


Life-saving phototherapy technology.

How we track impact

Every year, over 6 million babies with severe jaundice are not receiving adequate treatment. When left untreated, severe jaundice can result in disability or death. Conventional devices are costly to purchase and maintain. The Brilliance family of products are durable, affordable, technologically-advanced, and specifically designed to effectively work in even the toughest circumstances.

How Brilliance Works

How Brilliance Works

Built-in tracking:
device tracks usage and disruptions which we use to estimate impact and make design improvements

Adjustable angle:
head can be adjusted with one hand for nurses often holding things (and babies)

Passive heat management:
minimizes noise and keeps cost down

Long-lasting LEDs:
Last 10+ years compared to 3-6 months with CFL bulbs

Adjustable neck:

to accommodate different treatment height, like a bed in a ward or bassinet in the NICU

Affordable design:
World-class quality for the global market

Smart tilt:
detects angle set by user and adjusts LEDs for even light footprint

Durable castors:
often the first component to break on medical devices

Convenient Height:
set to fit under standard bassinets

Bright displays:
can be seen across most NICUs

  • 1,179,996

    babies treated

  • 1,011,087

    babies treated who otherwise would not have been treated

  • 16,101

    newborn deaths and

    disabilities averted

  • 4,896

    units installed worldwide

How Brilliance equalizes health outcomes?
  • World-class treatment. Peak wavelength, uniform intensity, and an effective treatment area of over 1300 cm².

  • Innovative. SmartTilt Technology ensures consistent light intensity across the treatment footprint at any angle.

  • Versatile. Integrated design gives the device the ability to be used with other critical medical equipment.

  • Impactful. A single Brilliance device will treat 500 babies during its lifetime - without a single bulb needing to be changed.

  • Energy Efficient. Brilliance consumes less than half the electricity of devices with CFLs, saving hospitals money.

  • Durable. Built to withstand wide-ranging power fluctuations, one device can last more than 20 years.