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Ending preventable newborn deaths from RDS.

Premature babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) have difficulty breathing, that if untreated results in 100% mortality. FlowLite, our nCPAP (neonatal continuous positive air pressure) device, will ensure high-quality newborn RDS treatment is within most countries' capacity to implement and save more newborn babies' lives.

How FlowLite Works

How FlowLite Works

Built-in Visual instructions:
LCD screen includes visual step-by-step for easy set-up and training

delivers safe and effective therapy to infant

Sensor technology:

alerts NICU staff when there is a problem in therapy delivery

Smart alarms:
adjustable volume alarms for troubleshooting issues

Back-up battery:
enables continued use in transportation and power outages

  • 1 in 10

    births is premature

  • 30%

    premature babies

    experience RDS

  • 20%

    mortality rate from RDS in India, compared to <2% in the US

  • 3.2M

    estimated number of cases our nCPAP could address each year

How nCPAP equalizes health outcomes?
  • Effective. Improves delivery of respiratory support to newborns.

  • Efficient. Enables overburdened referral hospitals to effectively manage and treat many babies at once.

  • Proactive. Sensor technology alerts nurses if a problem arises with the therapy, even if they are across the NICU.

  • Simple. Electronically humidifies, oxygenates, and pressurizes air flow, eliminating the need for external components.

  • Durable. Battery pack allows device to withstand power outages and emergency transport.

  • Portable. While still meeting world-class regulatory standards.