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Restored mobility

for amputees.

How we calculate impact

Trauma, disease, accidents, and natural disasters result in hundreds of thousands of new amputees per year, especially in heavy pedestrianized, urban settings. For too many, adequate modern prosthetics are prohibitively expensive, while low-cost knees present significant limitations to smooth mobility. ReMotion Knee (recently spun off to a leading prosthetics not-for-profit for increased impact) offers affordable, high quality mobility to patients around the world.

How ReMotion Works

How ReMotion Works

Noise Dampening:

Reduces noise during walking

Universal Design:

works with standard prosthetic leg systems

High Performance:

Blending stable gait with a natural swinging motion


Designed with high strength polymers and stainless steel components

High Range of Motion:

165-degree range enabling kneeling, squatting, and biking

Water Resistant:

withstands wet climates, without rusting or swelling


0.88lb / 400 g

  • 777

    amputees fit

  • 259


    life years averted (DALYs)

  • 33

    countries where

    ReMotion is sold

  • 438

    treated who otherwise would not have been

How ReMotion equalizes health outcomes?
  • Global. In over 30 countries, where more than 30,000,000 people need mobility devices.

  • Impact-driven. One ReMotion Knee can increase an individual's mobility and help people get back to work.

  • The right price. At $80, ReMotion is a fraction of the price of a conventional, high-performing prosthetic.

  • Durable. Designed with high strength polymers and stainless steel components.

  • Universal Design. Designed with high strength polymers and stainless steel components.